Phuket Private Detective Agency

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You Answers

Suspicion grows when apart, we can provide you the answers you need. Stop wondering and find out today with the help of one our expert Private Detectives in Phuket and across Thailand.

What We Can Do

Nothing is too small for us. Anything you need our PI team can find it for you.

Person Finder

Our private investigator team can locate anyone anywhere. We can find your estranged or cheating partner for you.

Counter Surveillance

We can make sure that you are not being hacked, watched or followed. Our team are experts in Counter Surveillance.

Data Collection

Our pi team are fantastic in data collection, this includes taking images of a target for use in court.

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Stop Waiting

We work fast

Anything you need in record time. Time is precious and we treat every case with great importance.


We work discreet, the target or targets will never know that we were ever there.


We treat each case with extreme professionalism. We never let bias influence the case.

Modern Techniques

All our techniques are tried and tested, We use only the most secure techniques possible.

Get the answers you deserve

We have all been there, whether its a cheating spouse or a thieving business partner. We all need answers on the things we worry about. So stop waiting and get them today.

suspicious young man with binoculars spying through blinds
We will find what you need

Our team our experts

Our Private Investigation Team are experts in their field, with a combined experience of over 40 years. They have seen and done it all. You are in safe hands.